EXKi, we strive to reduce our impact on nature and also encourage your eco-citizen initiatives.

With the Green Card, EXKi rewards your eco-actions. How it works? Ask your Green Card in restaurant and earn "carrots buffers" to each eco-gesture.


How does it work?

For every eco-gesture you make, you collect carrot points on your Green Card that you can exchange for a gift.

Examples of typical eco-gestures include: reusing a bag, bringing your own personal coffee or tea mug, cutlery, consume a dish with the Vegetable of the Month…

Some of these gestures may already be part of your daily routine as eco-citizen. By continuing these good deeds, you are reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint.

After 6 carrot points on your Green Card, we offer you a coffee lungo or espresso Bio or a tea or infusion BIO.

You have collected 30 carrot points on your Green Card?

Congratulations! You can now choose a gift from the list below:

  • Cotton bag
  • Soup
  • Sandwich
  • China mug
  • New gifts
    • Stainless steel cutlery
    • A pack of organic coffee and ground fairtrade 250g
    • A pack of organic coffee and fairtrade 250g grain
    • A piece of salt pie

To claim your gift, just bring your full Green Card to a restaurant and our crew will be happy to exchange it for your chosen gift. 

If you still have the old version of the Green Card, the same applies. When your card is full, just exchange it for your gift/ at our tills and you will receive a new card. You therefore no longer need to enter your card code on our website to claim your gift. 

Conditions Générales d’Utilisation à l’attention des clients EXKi