Rethink program

Eat well, live better

This book outlines the EXKi approach, regarding nutrition and the ten commitments which make it a reality. The aim is to share these thoughts with you. We hope you enjoy reading it.
Download the Rethink “Eat well, live better” book

The food waste challenge

Through this book, we lead you on the discovery into the not-so glorious aspects of food waste. We want to share our thoughts with you, our processes and the operations we carry out to try to hold back this phenomenon. We hope you enjoy the read.
Download the Rethink “The food waste challenge” book

A better coffee

Through this book, we lead you on the discovery of the “coffee planet”, its system of production, its culture and its inhabitants. As well as the discovery of our thoughts and our process around coffee. We hope you enjoy the read, and suggest that you accompany us in drinking a lovely coffee – why not?
Download the Rethink “A better coffee” book