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EXKi Université

  • Address : Avenue de l'Université 22 universiteitslaan
    Bruxelles - Brussel
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About the restaurant

EXKI Brussels, a lunch near the University

A gourmet break in the relaxed area of the ULB. A healthy and enjoyable meal, indoors or on the terrace. This is EXKi!

Go to EXKi, Ixelles Cemetery. Find the regulars there, neighbors, teachers and university students. They spend cozy and relaxed moments in the garden or on the terrace. Like at home.

Our restaurant will be exceptionally open on the 8th and 28th of May from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Friendly service, to eat well 

Friendly service helps you eat well and promotes well-being. We are particularly careful to welcome you with a warm hello. We develop our restaurants to provide a serene and luminous setting, a simple and comfortable atmosphere.

Patrons of our restaurants confirm this: they appreciate the services that we offer: wifi connection, the local papers, a terrace, a baby changing area and, when possible, a children's play area,...

Friendly service, this is our promise to combine eating well and living better. This is to ensure that you enjoy an optimum product offer, but also to develop contact, to share our choice of a decidedly delicious break which is totally different.


Un espace de vie

EXKi opte pour un style épuré et une décoration soignée. Un effort tout particulier est consacré à l'ambiance, la musique, la lumière et la propreté.

L'agencement des restaurants est pensé pour favoriser une architecture claire, apaisante et sereine.
Tous ces éléments invitent à prendre le temps de se restaurer et à profiter d'un vrai moment de détente

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