Lovable carrot!

Look for carrots that are very firm with smooth, unblemished skin and a bright orange colour, tinted with red. If you buy them in bunches, check that the green tops are fresh and vibrant.

Cooked or raw, savoury or sweet, carrots can be enjoyed in many different ways! You can serve them grated, in a salad, with white cabbage or quinoa, or pre-steamed and dressed with orange juice, olive oil and cumin.

They are also loved braisedpureed, in soups and soufflés, but they can be mixed into your quiches and savoury cakes. Try them in juice, with apple and orange, or added to almond cake for a healthy dessert.


We invite you to visit our restaurants to enjoy

our "Martius" recipes with Carrots.


  • A warm “Martius” dish: Mash of organic* carrot,meatloaf with organic* quinoa,mustard sauce, parsley
  • A little “Martius” salad: Hummus of green peas, organic* carrots with ras el hanout and sesame seeds, buckwheat
  • A “Martius” soup:  Organic carrot*, Organic zucchini*, Organic potato*, Organic onion*, Organic olive oil*, salt, Organic thyme*, water