In the EXKi hood: gourmet moments....



At the end of the year, our chefs are willing to share moments full of positive vibes, smelling like New Year's Eve.

Come and enjoy an EXKi cheesecake-tiramisu, a slice of gingerbread, chocolate truffles... Or a revisited log, with its crispy white chocolate & beetroot dome that reveals a melting heart of intense dark chocolate, for an irresistible sweetness.


The chocolate-beetroot dome

There is no Christmas dinner without a chocolate log. This year, we are offering a colourful log. Its beautiful colour is due to beetroot, which is melt with white chocolate to form a beautiful pink dome. And inside, a heart of dark chocolate that will make you melt with pleasure...


Feel Good hot Beverages

Winter is coming, it's time to warm up. A coffee? Classic. Some tea? Why not.

This year, for the holidays, we want to offer you taste, colour and pep's. Would you prefer matcha, ginseng or turmeric? Our Feel Good drinks will warm you up for the whole season.



Chocolate truffles

A must-have. Soft ganache. Cocoa coating. Belgian chocolate.

Can you guess? Our chocolate truffles, it is! This delicious speciality is now back in our restaurants for the greatest pleasure of all....



The traditional gingerbread

Before playing groundhog, we have the solution to soften your winter. Say hello to our gingerbread, a real delight!


Yogi Tea

Close your eyes.  Do you smell, these spicy aromas, these perfumed flavours, the freshly brewed tea? No, you're not in Asia, but you were definitely travelling.

Christmas tea is the infusion which will smooth out your holiday impatience. A bit of cinnamon, some orange peels, a vanilla pod and a touch of clove: the harmonious mix for a fabulous winter.


Tiramisu cheesecake 

A cheesecake? Basic.

A tiramisu? Simple.

A tiramisu cheesecake? Unexpected!

Enjoy this winter a gourmet moment with our delicious sweet pies. A delicious organic and Fairtrade coffee with this delicious slice, and the trick is done: you're warmed up!


At the end, we would like winter to last a little longer…