Get your thick woolly hats and scarves out.

Come into EXKI and warm both body and soul with a steaming, revitalising cup of tea or a herbal infusion. It'll do you good.
 It's this season's hot favourite!



Tea-Time anyTime

Warm yourself up and do yourself good at the same time: our teas and herbal infusions are just the job! To boost your energy in the morning or take a break during the day, to enjoy a little reward or to go with a sweet treat or a savoury snack... it's always tea-time!
Choose your favorite among our 18 tastes of teas and herbal teas. A fantastic range of hot beverages!


Breath deep

First touch of frost? There's nothing like this organic infusion based on eucalyptus, basil and thyme to improve your respiration and keep you on form all winter long.

A cocktail of organic energy

Give your vitality a lift with a Brazilian DETOX.

This delicious mix combines the energising power of green tea, mate, acai and guarana with the delicious tang of passion fruit.